Hi, my name is Emma. I'm 44 years old and live in Rhosfach, deep in the heart of the Preseli mountains in North Pembrokeshire.  

I'm married to farmer John and together we have a fabulous son, a beautiful granddaughter and a very spoiled cat called Lemmy.

I've always enjoyed being creative, and having being  married to a farmer and working as a shipping agent for the most part of my adult life I tend to find inspiration in all things; natural, nautical, the colours of the sea, sunsets, and even bulky project cargoes I've worked on!

I like to try working through different mediums so my jewellery remains unique. I'm presently enjoying working on some clay/resin/wood art jewellery, as well as some resin art pieces - watch this space!

I also like to refashion vintage jewellery, beads and charms which I collect wherever I can!

Please click on my facebook / instagram link where I will be posting updates, including both my successes and failures on a regular basis!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

If you'd like to leave feedback or share any ideas, please get in touch.

Emma B x